We offer a variety of exterior cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. 



Guttering can easily be forgotten on the list of jobs around the home until its turned into a costly more involved problem than it needs to be, we would recommend regular maintenance to avoid any hidden costs caused from damp issues that could be easily resolved with a gutter clear out.




Fascias like guttering, can collect dirt over time and if wooden can become rotten or need replacing or repainting, or can just need a good old clean to bring them up like new, so check out our price list as we offer different cleaning packages on fascias and PVC.  



Your driveway makes a big impact on the appearance at the front of your home and over time it slowly picks up dirt and the sand washes away from between the blocks, we offer a high pressure jet washing service to bring your driveway back to life and if you have block paving we will re-sand it for you free of charge. 



Patios are easily restored with our pressure washing service, so give us a call for a free no obligation quote.



conservatories AND CAR PORTS

Conservatories and car ports can be awkward and hard to reach, as they are mostly made of poly carbonate or glass so access can be difficult if you do not have the right tools, so let us take away the hassle for you and get to those hard to reach places.   



Solar Panels

The build up of dirt and grime on solar panels can reduce their efficiency to up to 30%. Like windows, the panels do not clean themselves. Regular cleaning will help them to function to their true potential and keep saving you money in the long run.




Repairs and Maintainence

As well as making the exterior of your property look good with our cleaning services, ensure that it's in good condition as well. If something is broken, we can fix it.


Ridge and loose tiles

The first time you may be aware of a loose roof tile could be a water stain appearing on a bedroom ceiling by which time the problem has become more serious than it needed to be, so it is important to have these little jobs rectified before its too late. Loose ridge tiles can present their own problems with high winds these could cause serous damage to yours or your neighbours property below.      



Chimney stacks take a lot from the elements over time, so it is important to keep them in a good state of repair to avoid further expense, so repointing is a common job on property of a certain age. 



sheds and garages

Felt on sheds and garages only has a relatively short lifespan and does tend to deteriorate over time and if left untreated it can easily turn from new felt to a new roof, so get those little jobs kept in check and save money in the long run. 


Guttering and down pipes

Sometimes guttering and down pipes are just beyond repair or are simply outdated, so we offer a competitive full replacement service or part of your guttering may just need replacing where seals have worn etc. 


drain unblocking

Blocked drains can cause many problems, so in most cases this is an emergency therefore we prioritise these calls and do our best to respond quickly.